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* BRAND NEW!!! What Would Who Do? is a fast and fun party game for 5-10 players. Our limited edition signed and numbered run of 100 is printed on cardstock and hand cut by the designer. The game comes in an envelope and required one D6 and one D20 per player - not included.

* Alien Invasion Pie Fight (Flagpole Edition): Man, this invasion trip is taking forever! Your cramped living quarters have ratcheted up the tension in the crew. You can't wait to get to Earth to unleash your neurotoxin pies, so you're just going to have to throw them at each other.

* Counting Zzzzs: Try to have pleasant dreams while your opponents try to wake you up and give you nightmares. It's the most fun you can have in your sleep!

* Dim Sum Derby (Flagpole Edition): Try to eat as much of the dim sum you're hungry for before the other players fulfill their yens. Belly-busting fun for the whole family!

* Evil Vendetta Pie Fight (Flagpole Edition): Evil magic-wielding nightmares from the human psyche who hate each other's guts. Your union won't let you actually hurt each other, so the only way to settle this like, well not like men, is to have an…Evil Vendetta Pie Fight.

* Get Nifty: The Sluggy Freelance game. Now you can play in the Sluggyverse - Is it not Nifty?

* Killer Christmas Tree Button Men: Only the Killer Christmas Tree has sleep attacks! Use the die marked with a sheep outline to reroll your opponent's die AND put it to sleep for a turn!

* Showbiz Shuffle: A whimsical look at Hollywood from the top. Be a studio executive with actors and directors at your beck and call!

* X-Machina: Make impossible inventions out of improbably components for unreasonable customers.

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