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General Info FAQ:

Q: Is it true that Blood & Cardstock will be publishing Get Nifty, the Sluggy Freelance card game?
A Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and we are proud to say we're publishing Get Nifty. We hope it will be out in the winter. Is it not nifty?

Q: What's with Counting Zzzzs? What happened to Counting Sheep?
A: A possible trademark conflict caused a last minute change in the name of our product. We assure you it is the same fabulous game you've playtested without any changes to the art or game play. Now you get to boast - I played Counting Zzzzs back when it was Counting Sheep!

A2: Update! The trademark office has informed me that the original holders of the Countin' Sheep intent to use has allowed their hold on it to lapse. Now Blood & Cardstock Games is renewing their claim to Counting Sheep and may be able to produce the next batch of games with the original Counting Sheep boxes. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Q: When will the Showbiz Shuffle expansion become available?
A: We are waiting until there are enough copies of Showbiz Shuffle sold to generate a solid demand for the expansion. People won't buy the expansion if they don't own the original. That means the more you encourage others to get a copy of the original, the faster the expansion will come out.

Q: Are there any other games in the pipeline?
A: Yes. We are currently working two projects - one is a variation on X-Machina and the other is our experimental Blank Game. We'll be playtesting these games at conventions in 2006.

Q: Who does your fantastic art?
A: Lar deSouza

Q: Are there any distributors where I can order your product for my store?
A: Glad you asked! Please see our Distributors page.

Q: Read any good books lately?
A: Of course! I read all the time. If you're interested check out my 2005 Reading List.

Counting Zzzzs FAQ:

Q: Are there any alternate beginnings to Counting Zzzzs?
A: Glad you asked! John Kaufeld of More Than Games has come up with a spiffy new way to start Counting Zzzzs. Before the first player begins all players place one element card face down as the first element in their dream. Once all players have picked their first element they all reveal the card. Now that you're all asleep the first player begins play as normal.

Q: There are no sheep or instructions on the Open Door/Closed Door card - how do I use it?
A: You have found us out in a printing error. Imagine sheep are on it. Imagine all the sheep are colored in. Imagine our embarrassment! Imagine that your deck will be worth a lot of money one day because it will be one of the rare ones with the mistake. Sad but true - Joan

Showbiz Shuffle FAQ:

Q: If I'm using the One Man Show to direct a movie may I add stars as well?
A: NO. When using the One Man Show the completed movie will contain the One Man Show and 2 supporting actors. You may NOT add stars to the One Man Show's movie.

Q: If you give a Drug Problem to an Upstaged star what happens to the Upstaged card?
A: Upstaged is really something that happens because of another actor in the movie, so the Upstaged card will remain in the movie and apply to any new star added to that open position.

Q: Do any of the bod cards in my hand count negatively at the very end of the game?
A: No, only cards played face up into a partially completed movie count negatively at the end of the game.

Q: Can I play Biz cards into another player's movie?
A: Yes, but only if it does not have dollar signs at the top of the card. In other words you can't force another player to spend money on his movie – that's something we all have control over.

Q: What happens if all the players stop playing cards such that no one is playing and the deck is not running down?
A: In that unlikely event if all players pass on playing cards for one round then the game is over.

Q: Who is the greatest star of all time?
A: Katharine Hepburn. Hands down. No question.

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